Stylish African Print Head Scarf and Mask

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The Stylish African Print Head Scarf and Mask is all the protection you need.

African print streetwear designs are becoming increasingly trendy and fashionable.  Take a closer look at this headscarf with matching mask and stylish earrings. The headscarf and mask are very functional because they are able to provide protection from the elements. It is a washable product with a great design and serves its purpose so well. Trust us to 'Take Your Style To The Next Level'.

The Stylish African Print HeadScarf and Mask features:-

  • Provides protection and care for the face with covering from the wind and other environmental elements.
  • It is of moderate size, so it's suitable for most face shapes, very comfortable and ear-friendly
  • The mask is easily adjustable and can be widened on both sides of the cheek.
  • It functions effectively as a shade, insect-proof, and wind-proof streetwear clothing.
  • Available in a range of attractive prints.
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