Beaded Charm Bracelet for Men

  • $36.50

Beaded Charm Bracelet for Men is an obvious standout in men's fashion.

Make a statement as you celebrate your individuality in this beaded charm bracelet made of semi-precious stone. Once you try them this stylish eye-catching charm bracelet will sure to become your favorite accessory. Wear all day and to any occasion of your choice.

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The Beaded Charm Bracelet for Men features:-

  • An attractive beaded bracelet exuding quality that inspires confidence.
  • When you wear this bracelet it will give such a boost in confidence.
  • Bracelet made from quality semi-precious stones.
  • Great gift item for husband, boyfriend, dad, brother or any other significant male in your life.
*Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery*
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