Anti Glare Glasses

  • $21.99

With the Anti Glare Glasses you can look your best in all lighting conditions

Anti Glare Glasses are made with lenses that carry an anti-reflective coating. This is a very thin layer of coating placed on the lens itself to remove any reflections that you would normally see on the surface of the glasses both on the front as well as the back.

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Anti Glare Glasses features:-

  • The anti-glare glass is a clear lens glass that is suitable to be worn by both men and women.
  • Monitors, Tablets, Cell phones are the main sources of blue light. The anti-glare glass significantly filters blue light allowing natural light to reach the eyes.
  • It helps to minimize headaches, improve sleep as well as reduce eye fatigue.
  • These glasses are also very attractive. They can be worn at anytime, anywhere.
  • A most suitable gift for loved ones.
  • Get it NOW at a great price!!!
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