Men's Hip Hop Jeans

  • $57.50

Men's Hip Hop Jeans are fashionable denim made for the stylish man

Casual style never looked so good with these really cool jeans for men. For relaxed and laid-back occasions, these are the jeans for you.

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Men's Hip Hop Jeans features:

  • A good way to ramp up your personal style whether day or night
  • Hip Hop jeans are made from quality denim material that has a good value of stretch to allow for more comfort and mobility
  • Jeans style is straight, offering you a neater seamless look
  • A great choice for various occasions including hanging out with friends, a party, or a casual date.
  • Plenty of outfit choices at your fingertips. Easy to pair with sneakers or soft shoes footwear and T-shirt, polo, or sweater for tops. 

*Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery*

NB. For the best fit, take your measurement then reference the size chart provided

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