Breathable Reusable Face Mask for Men & Women

  • $21.50

The Breathable Reusable Face Mask for Men & Women is a must for all outdoor activity. 

Get the necessary protection you need for all your outdoor activities with stylish face masks. This breathable and reusable face shield provides the best protection for your face, neck, ear, and from harmful sunburn. These masks are ideal for recreation such as hiking, cycling, and for wearing to festivals, etc. The reusable face mask is well suited for men and women alike.

Breathable Reusable Face Mask for Men & Women features:-

  • Made from Polyester material that's thin and lightweight making the wearing experience very pleasant.
  • Protection from outdoor elements- the sun, UV rays, windy conditions that elevate sand and dust, and insects.
  • Available in a range of print patterns.
  • Average scarves length 60cm.
  • The masks are great for all seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn.
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