Shambhala Silver Earrings

  • $15.50

The Shambhala Silver Earrings are elegant and lavish.

Shambhala Silver Earrings are an amazing set of drop earrings that lets you rock this chic fashion style with ease and comfort. This silver earring comes in a diversity of designs and is classy and rather appealing. The water drop pearls add a touch of elegance that you can't deny. Cubic Zirconia material completes this piece of treasure. Grab a pair or two, and Take Your Style To The Next Level.

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The Shambhala Silver Earrings features:-

  • Elegant and lavish earrings that will totally jazz up your look.
  • These silver earrings are like secret weapons in a fashion arsenal.
  • Even with jeans and T-shirt, these great drop earrings will announce you when you walk into a room.
  • Made from high-quality cubic zirconia material, these silver earrings are very affordable.
  • Style is very trendy and chic.
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