Women's Formal Business Pantsuit

  • $93.50

Set yourself up as the authority in the Women's Formal Business Pantsuit

The Women's Business Suit is one of class and high fashion. A great choice of workwear, this women's pants suit will set the standard high for your office work styles. This two-piece blazer and pants set is a great option to break away from the traditional dress and skirt suit. Add plaid and this office composition is a winner.

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The Women's Formal Business Pantsuit features:- 

  • The Women's Plaid Business Suit comprises straight pants and a slim-fit blazer made from high-quality material.
  • The style of the suit is business casual but elegant. 
  • Suitable for all office settings.

*Please allow 2 - Weeks for Delivery*

NB. For the best fit, take your measurement then reference the size chart provided


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