Arrow Knotted Charm Bracelet

  • $18.50

Arrow Knotted Charm Bracelet -pointedly fashionable.

Tell your unique story with effortless chic every time in this charm bracelet. This stunning charm-ready bracelet is a great piece to add to your jewelry collection.  This 2-piece set is both classy and elegant.  This bohemian Style Bracelet is a great gift for loved ones on Valentines, Christmas, Birthday or other celebratory seasons.

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The Arrow Knotted Charm Bracelet features:-

  • This bangle style bracelet is awesomely cool.
  • Made from high-quality metals and is available in gold color.
  • Bohemian style is very trendy and does fit well with any outfit.

*Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery*

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