Automatic Buckle Belt

  • $33.50

The elegant Automatic Buckle Belt is adjustable for almost any size

Complete and complement your outfit with ease with this automatic buckle leather belt. Step out in style like a GQ.

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The Automatic Buckle Belt features:

  • A high-quality leather belt that is the difference between confidence and embarrassing moments.
  • An automatic buckle that is intricately designed for you to make adjustments to length easily
  • Properties of Belt: Width - 3.5cm, Buckle Length - 8cm, Buckle Width - 4.5cm. The buckle material is made from Alloy
  • Length: 110cm/115cm/120cm/125cm/130cm
  • Recommendation: Always buy a larger belt, if too long the option to shorten is there.

*Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery*

 Size reference

Waist: 26-33 Be applicable 110cm
Waist: 34-35 Be applicable 115cm
Waist: 36-37 Be applicable 120cm
Waist: 38-39 Be applicable 125cm
Waist: 40-41 Be applicable 130cm
Waist: 42-43 Be applicable 135cm
Waist: 44-45 Be applicable 140cm
Waist: 46-47 Be applicable 145cm
Waist: 48-49 Be applicable 150cm
 You can trim the strap length by yourself to fit your size if the belt strap is too long for you.

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