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Elegant Wide Leg Summer Jumpsuit

Elegant Wide Leg Summer Jumpsuit

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$52.50 USD

The Elegant Wide Leg Summer Jumpsuit elevated style at work.

Include this elegant and dressy jumpsuit in your fashion haul. This one-shoulder dressy jumpsuit is a stand-out piece at any social gathering or formal event.

You will fall in love with this formal off-shoulder jumpsuit that is styled uniquely. Complete an elegant look when you add your favorite pair of high heels or sandals for the perfect look you desire. 

Make a style statement with the purchase of this affordable dressy jumpsuit. You get free shipping on this item going to most regions.

The Elegant Wide Leg Summer Jumpsuit features:-

  • A very elegant and dressy jumpsuit is the right choice for your next social event.
  • Made from high-quality material that improves the wearing experience of the jumpsuit.
  • Wear it to an office or Christmas party, New Year's ball, or dinner.
 *Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery*

NB. For the best fit, take your measurement then reference the size chart provided