Men's Casual Leather Slippers

  • $39.50

The  Men's Casual Leather Slippers are the best slippers for men.

Men's Casual Leather Slippers are perfect for lounging on your poolside sun lounger or on a sunny day at the beach. 

Made from a durable cross-sole, these slippers are perfect for the beach or any long day of fun. They have a textured effect that provides extra grip and traction. Enjoy summer lounging any time, day or night.

Now, the fun begins because, with every purchase, you receive free shipping going to most regions.

The Men's Casual Leather Slippers features:-

  • Stylish slippers for men with extra grip.
  • A great feature of these slippers is that they can be worn for long periods.
  • Casual leather sandals that massage the feet.
  • Great slippers for all seasons.
    *Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery*
    NB. For the best fit, take your measurement then reference the size chart provided

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