Natural Stone Beaded Bracelet

  • $18.50

The Natural Stone Beaded Bracelet is absolutely out of this world

Step into the fashion realm of amazing beaded bracelets. It's undeniably beautiful and attractive. A chic and trendy bracelet for men aligned in positive energy emitted from its natural stones. Go ahead.....get in touch with other worlds!

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The Natural Stone Beaded Bracelet features:-

  • Constructed from natural charm beads including precious lava stone and imperial jasper. It is carefully crafted into a replica of elegance.
  • Very stylish bracelets that are well made. They are very beautiful to look at and does provide a great wearing experience.
  • The style of the bracelet is very ethnic in its appeal. Bracelet is adjustable as well.
  • This is an excellent gift item - husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, brother/sister, mom/dad.
  • Get a pair and make it a thing of meaning between you and your significant other (lovers forever) 

An Awesome bracelet that will: 'Take Your Style To The Next Level'

*Please allow 2 - 4 Weeks for delivery*

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