Polarized Cycling Sunglasses

  • $40.50

 At last, the all-new Polarized Cycling Sunglasses. Durable eyewear that is both comfortable and stylish.

Get inspiration from the modern styling and the excellent quality of our polarized sunglasses. These cycling glasses are suitable for all outdoor activities.

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The Polarized Cycling Sunglasses features:- 

  • Use these glasses for all your outdoor adventures - cycling, hiking, running, etc.
  • A polarized lens is able to significantly block UV Rays as well as the harmful blue light that can affect the eyes.
  • Item is suitable for both men and women. Very lightweight (29g) so the wearing experience is amazing.
  • Dimensions come in at width 7.5cm and height - 4.3cm
  • Available in five (5) color lens. Also full keep and care kit.

The time to get it is NOW......currently at a great price!!!

*Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery*

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