Round Tag Bangle Bracelet For Women

  • $28.50

The Round Tag Bangle Bracelet for Women is a combination of fashion and health

Showcase your style and personality as you complete your favorite outfit with this beautiful charm bracelet.  In its seemly simple form, it will add elegance, sophistication, and eye-catching allure to your formal or casual outfit. This stunning bracelet available in silver, gold, or rose gold will emphasize your fun and charming style in a majestic way. It's clearly the time to Take Your Style To The Next Level. Don't be left out of this trendy deal, select your favorite piece, and go to checkout now to access free shipping already available on this item.

The Round Tag Bangle Bracelet features:

  • This casual bangle-style bracelet is awesomely cool.
  • Made from high-quality metals and is available in gold, silver, and rode gold color.
  • The bangle bracelet style is very trendy and does fit well with any outfit.
  • Bracelets make excellent gift items for any occasion or season

 *Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery*

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