Slip On Flex-Max Moccasin

  • $43.50

Slip-On Flex-Max Moccasin  Maximizing on the style and comfort every man wants in a pair of shoes.

Slip-On Shoes are among some of the most comfortable and stylish footwear to encounter. This Slip-On Moccasin has a relaxed fit and is breathable. you will be sure to find a pair with the perfect fit.

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The Slip-On Flex-Max Moccasin features:-

  • Very high-quality shoes that is really comfortable and soft.
  • Shoe type is loafer made from genuine leather that is breathable and massages the foot for a great wearable experience.
  • These are easy slip-on shoes that is great for everyday wear. they are very stylish and trendy too.
  • Please consult size info for the best fit.
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